Clinical Inventory Management
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Clinook revolutionizes Clinical Inventory Management, empowering you to remain well-informed about your current inventory. It facilitates the necessary adjustments needed to foster ongoing expansion and enhance service quality, ensuring your clinical operations are optimized and efficient.
Have you ran out of stock on materials without noticing?
Do you know how much money is in your storage room?
Do you know the material cost per treatment?
Are you constantly rushing orders and delivery?
Do you know the materials expiration dates?

About Us

Clinook is a specialized web and iOS app meticulously crafted for dental office environments, offering real-time control, clinical inventory, and material stock management. Say goodbye to stock-outs with Clinook; ensuring seamless supply management for your dental practice.




Design and document procedures, choose materials, and train your staff effectively.



Effortlessly oversee your dental and material stock in real-time, ensuring optimal clinical inventory management.



Access comprehensive analytics covering all aspects of the app’s functionalities.



Stay informed with timely notifications regarding your inventory status.

Clinical Inventory Management Treatments


Experience the power of Clinook’s innovative (patent-pending system) that allows you to seamlessly visualize and take command of your treatments in real-time. Gain precise insights into the daily consumption of clinical inventory supplies and materials. Interested in understanding the details of resource utilization and expenses in your practice? Explore the comprehensive Statistics feature, providing cost and timing information for each treatment rendered across single or multiple locations and by multiple users. Streamline the process of expediting treatment notes effortlessly with our user-friendly system.

Create your own customized dental procedures with each specific material you like to use.

Train your staff in how to prepare your treatment trays in detail.

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Track the time you spend on treatments and improve. Be more efficient!

Keep track of what you are using live and on the spot.

Clinical Inventory Management

Do you have a clear understanding of the contents within the cabinets and drawers throughout your office? Ever wondered about the financial value of your stock room? Optimize your dental practice budget with our real-time inventory tracking. Clinook transforms what may seem impossible or time-consuming into a straightforward process. By following our simple steps, Clinook delivers vital information, enabling you to save money, heighten expenditure awareness, and enhance staff efficiency. 

The Human Touch:

At the heart of Clinook’s effectiveness is the interaction between humans and the system. Scan materials as they are stocked, compare pricing and reviews (coming soon), and utilize features such as printing/re-ordering, all parts of a platform that is continuously evolving for the better. Improve staff efficiency by easily expediting treatment notes through our user-friendly system.

Clinical Inventory Management
Item Recognized
Item not recognized
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Clinical Inventory Management Statistics​


Analyze costs and timing information for every treatment rendered, ensuring efficient and cost-effective dental procedures. Gain the ability to monitor your business comprehensively and understand its performance intricately. Whether it’s tracking usage per patient, per day, per hour, or per procedure, Clinook puts essential information at your fingertips. Access valuable insights that can be effortlessly analyzed at a glance, empowering you with a deeper understanding of your business metrics.

With Clinook analytics you can learn on how much you spend on each procedure, by day or patient, by operatory or office. Customize to get the info you need to bring your practice to the next level.

Clinook empowers your team to make informed decisions, eliminate guesswork, and optimize order processes.

By providing real-time insights into material consumption and cost trends, Clinook is your strategic ally in controlling budgets


Have you ever requested specific material from your assistant only to discover it’s depleted and unavailable? 

Imagine confidently planning your schedule, assured that all necessary supplies are in stock. With Clinook, never experience stockouts again – receive timely alerts for impending depletion and expiration dates. Conveniently reorder from your preferred supplier directly through the Clinook App, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted workflow.

Clinical Inventory Management Alerts

Get notified about inventory requirements when product minimum quantity has been reached

Don’t let your unseen stock expire in a cabinet. A notification will arrive when your materials are reaching their expiration date.


Unlock the complete potential of Clinook, irrespective of your chosen plan! Whether you opt for the 6-months, 12-months, or our exclusive 12-months Premium Plan with added benefits, you’ll experience the same high-quality service, features, and innovation.

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12-Months Premium Plan

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